Wake up call

You suddenly wake up in a glass coffin, surrounded by what seems to be a steaming junkyard. Other people around you are also coming out of similar coffins, looking as confused as you feel.

The air has the fresh feeling of an autumn morning, and the unpleasant smell of overheated metal and burnt isolation.

You look up to the sky, and a silver rainbow seems to embrace the sun, that looks too small and not bright enough. Beyond the junkyard, a grass plain with a few hills scattered here and there seems to extend to distant mountains both to the East and West. To the south, a deep groove in the ground, a couple of hundred meters long, and at least 10 meters wide of freshly upturned soil, scars the land as if a giant started to plough a field, and vanished after a few steps.

To the Northeast, a few columns of white smoke suggest a village in the distance.

Wake up call

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